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The Business Side of Self Publishing

© Freds | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Photo Credit: © Freds | Dreamstime Stock Photos

The business of self publishing is a tough job. People often begin this journey with rather noble intentions, a simple desire to realize their dreams of authorship. No questions about it, self publishing is a vehicle (of sorts) that will allow people to make their dreams a reality. Anyone can publish a book; you don’t need a lot of money to do it either. However, publishing a book and creating a viable niche as an indie author are two separate entities. It requires learning the nuts and bolts of the publishing industry. As well, you have to develop a real capacity for marketing and sales. Sure, you can pay others to do it for you but that is never a guarantee of success. Most likely you will decrease your profit margin and make yourself prey to the market of publishing hounds who want to capitalize off your naïveté.

Self publishing guru, Joanna Penn from, gives very useful advice for starting your journey as a self published author and (hopefully) world renowned writer of prose. Read her tips for promoting your book, here.

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