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#RHOA ‘Spells’ Real Drama for Phaedra Parks!

Phaedra Parks was definitely right when she said, "Fix it Jesus". If you have been following the latest season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, you would know that Phaedra has a lot of things going on in her life that could certainly use a little prayer. Namely, the situation involving her husband Apollo Nida as it quickly took a turn for the worst. During this season, we witnessed Apollo’s walk of shame as he had to officially report back to prison. This is a stark contrast to the way their life was portrayed in previous tapings of show. In previous years, we watched the seemingly happy couple blossom into a family of four akin to what Phaedra would describe only as royalty. However, Season 7 of the #RHOA has been less than regal for the self described Southern Belle. In fact, she is going to have to do a little spring cleaning if she wants to wipe away the mud that has been thrown on her good girl image. Here's the tea.

According to TMZ, Apollo was sentenced to 8 years in prison for cashing stolen checks and laundering money - no surprise here. Nida already had a felonious past that included prison time for auto title fraud. As Apollo's woes came closer to home, Phaedra was seen visibly distancing herself from him. There were some pretty intense moments between the two, but none more alarming than Episode 14, where Apollo appeared almost slightly incapable of controlling his disdain for Phaedra's apathetic demeanor. So in the days leading up to his official arrest date, Apollo decided to let a few skeletons out the closet. It wasn’t long either before a few hungry hounds pounced on those bones, igniting a ‘hearsay palooza’. Here’s how it all went down.

Apollo showed Cynthia Bailey’s wife husband, Peter, a few text communications supposedly between Phaedra and an alleged lover by the name of Mr. Chocolate. Apollo alluded to the fact that something inappropriate had been transpiring between the two parties. Felicia Peter then told Cynthia about the conversation, who later told Claudia Jordan and Kenya Moore about it. The three ladies, acting with what could be described as moral turpitude, proceeded to confront Phaedra about Apollo’s accusations at a dinner gathering that was put together by Kandi Burress. Now if that wasn’t enough to lower your IQ, here’s more.

The girls ladies zoomed in on Phaedra like a lynch mob with, none other than, Cynthia Bailey leading the charge. Although it’s not quite clear why Cynthia felt compelled to address the matter, Nene Leakes did not waste any time voicing her opinion on the matter. According to #Nene, Cynthia was just trying to dig up a story line as she has done in the past.

Aside from Cynthia’s motives, the accusations (in and of itself) brought up a whole lot of old resentment between Kenya and Phaedra. Kenya quickly escalated the matter by attempting to point out Phaedra’s hypocrisy in her not so chaste depiction of others. Phaedra’s initial response involved acting out a few fight scenes from “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”, but that would have secured her role as her husband’s cellmate as much as she is his soul mate. Luckily she resolved to walk away from it all.

Admittedly all of this drama does seem just a wee bit junior ‘high-ish’ but it is entertaining. Needless to say, the ladies have resolved to try and work out their differences through counseling. Let’s hope Phaedra can turn things around and really clean house, from the inside out.

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