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Spotlight On: Reprogram Yourself for Unstoppable Self-Confidence by Kristi Patrice Carter, J.D.

Squash Self-Doubt and Worry.

Self-doubt can hold you prisoner and leave you wondering if anyone can set you free. In reality, the only person who can unlock your self-doubt cell is you.

Of course this doesn’t mean you must go through the process alone. With Kristi Patrice Carter as your guide in her newest book, Reprogram Yourself for UNSTOPPABLE Self-Confidence, you can learn how to squash self-doubt and worry to become a more self-confident version of you.

Book Review:

Unstoppable Self-Confidence: Your Guide to Squashing Self-Doubt and Worry is a promising title that brands itself as an elite self help guide for confidence seeker. The book discusses the negative implications of self-doubt and worry, equating the body as a type of "data processing machine". As such, the author suggests that we have the power to choose the types of stimuli that we focus our attention on. Focusing on the wrong types of stimuli will only result in negative actions, which will ultimately steal one's ability to realize his/her greatest potential in life. Written in a very simplistic style with straightforward and familiar concepts, this book offers useful suggestions on how to reprogram the mind through the development of positive mental habits. Although the book is very comprehensive, it is not overwhelming. The author does an excellent job of demystifying abstract concepts and is very thorough in providing story examples in order to illustrate key ideas.

If you are interested in becoming more self-aware and confident in your life, I would suggest this book as a first step towards building unstoppable self-confidence.

About the Author:

Kristi Patrice Carter’s mission is to help people live their best lives—one self-help book at a time. She is driven by her passion for sharing her knowledge and a hope for inspiring and empowering people around the world to achieve their life goals.

A force to be reckoned with, Kristi Patrice Carter has a BA in English from the University of Illinois at Chicago, a Juris Doctorate from Chicago-Kent College of Law, and over eighteen years of writing and marketing experience. She’s also a wife, mother, author, and serial entrepreneur.

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