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Spotlight On: The Tyler Files by Brian Rock

What’s worse than

“ants in the pants?”

Pants with a mind of their own! And they’re ruining Tyler’s life! How will he make it through the day without becoming the school laughingstock? And how will Tyler survive his pants’ “off the cuff” remarks to the school bully (and to his secret crush?) With a little help from his best friend, Tyler gives a first-hand account of the mysterious, improbable and occasionally funny events that are so strange they can only be found in The Tyler Files.

In THE TYLER FILES: #1 Smarty Pants, Tyler has a big problem. His pants won’t stop talking! This book, scheduled for release on September 1st, breaks new ground in the chapter book genre by adding interactive back-matter to the end of the story. Tyler poses questions to stimulate creative thinking in readers. He introduces and give examples of idioms related to the story. He gives 10 fun facts about pants, and even tells some jokes! Pre-order your copy today at Barnes&Nobles!

Book Description

Publisher: First Light Publishing

Author: Brian Rock

Illustrator: Joshua Dawson

Release Date: September 1, 2017

Pages: 102

Format: Paperback:

List Price: $6.99

Ages: 7-10

ISBN 13: 978-0-9754411-3-8

Library of Congress Control Number: 2017908478

1. School-–Fiction. 2. Fantasy--Fiction. 3. Humorous stories 4. Mystery

Summary: When Tyler’s pants mysteriously come to life, he must find a way to make it through the day without becoming the school laughingstock.

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