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Spotlight On: Grind by Sybil Bartel

Sybil Bartel is definitely not coy when it comes to writing. Quite possibly the queen of writing books featuring alpha male heroes, her latest book in the Thrust series is a racy story about breaking the rules. The book, aptly titled Grind, chronicles the life of an ex-marine and now a hired gun by the name of Dane. In the story, Dane is known for doing two things well: killing and fulfilling women's fantasy. When it comes to killing, he is quick and callous. When it comes to fulfilling women, he is domineering and emotionally unattached. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when a beautiful woman named Irina shows up at his house at the request of another ex-marine by the name of Alex Vega. Dane soon finds himself attracted to Irina because of her beauty and her pain. The only problem is that she is the wife of Russian mafia arm's dealer who is not willing to let go of his possessions so easily. In the end, the story heats up when Dane finds himself in a battle that challenges his skills as a fighter and his reputation when it comes to women.

I would recommend this book for adult readers, interested intensely suspenseful and risque reading materials.

Check out the Sybil's book spotlight below!


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