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Introducing Little Melanie: My Grand Piano


London, England ......It’s London5 Studios’ best of the best … LITTLE MELANIE! We are a new brand of children’s entertainment. We are diversity, we WILL inspire kids - “The DREAM IS EVERYTHING."

“There seems to be one Spice that scared the world - and us too! - SCARY SPICE - Mel B, also known as Melanie Brown - became the inspiration behind our Little Melanie Brand. She is the “spice" in our life here at London5 Studios. Our inspired stories of the fictitious character “Little Melanie” will no doubt touch the hearts of millions of children and adults around the world. We are having so much fun writing the Little Melanie stories for her character that we dare not stop! It’s massive….

Melanie is the principal character of the series. She is an extremely talented child prodigy and is very tenacious and tough. Melanie will always fight for what is right and hates injustice. Her cheerful personality is very sensitive to other’s emotions. Little Melanie is kind, compassionate, considerate and she loves her family and friends very much..

Little Melanie children’s books and musical comedy television series centres around the diverse family of our heroine. Melanie is a child prodigy who is passionate about playing her Steinway & Sons Baby Grand Piano and writing songs at every opportunity. This fictitious character will show children that the dream is everything. It is vital that kids have the opportunity to realise their dreams. Little Melanie’s friends and family ask the children around the world to unite and become one with her.

“We have created some of the best episodes for this series, as well as scouted some of the best little actress’s and actors across the globe. The London5 team have written over 150 exciting children’s books to follow many of the television episodes. There are feature films, endorsement sponsors, merchandising and more.”

“Our inspiration, from all seven of the girls poured into our soup of ideas. But the one spice that seem to burn in our hearts was Scary Spice. Mel B inspired the main character for our television and book series. Our band of musical little angels took the inspiration from Katy, Adele, Gaga, Vanessa, Alicia and Kandace.... the next little girls band.”

“Every personality inspired our stories, allowing us to create the “Best In Class”. Children all over the world will become best mates with Little Melanie and her amazing girl band. The inspiration of each musical artist shall give every child around the world the belief: they, too, can believe the “Dream is Everything”………. states Melanie W.- London 5 - Producer- Writer.

“Our company epitomizes the honorable banner of diversity which our children's books and television episodes acknowledges. WE are a NOW brand that says ...THE DREAM IS EVERYTHING! LITTLE MELANIE delivers this message through every medium imaginable”.....Sharon - London5 -Producer/Writer.

Our characters, and those who inspired them, have a beautiful voice in the world, whether singing or speaking. Imagine Katy, Alicia, Gaga, Adele, Vanessa, Kandace and Mel B - all on stage at one time. Our dream team: Little Melanie - the next British sensation since the Spice Girls and The Beatles. Our own fictitious girl band. Whether you are sitting in the front or back row, you are guaranteed to enjoy the ultimate show.

That’s why your seat is HERE with us at London5 Studios. This is where Creator/Executive Producer Melanie G, producers Melanie W, Lara, Sharon, Lee, Paul and Dante James ( Little Melanie Live Television series producer ) will bring you - LIVE - in every television episode or book that you read, front row seats with our brand, Little Melanie.

Our Little Melanie family believes Life together, WE make a FAMILY.

“I know that life in England and America can be mighty tough for people who are a little different from the majority. I am not fooled because I had a chance open to very few people, but I do know that democracy works for those who are willing to fight for it and I am convinced it's worth defending.

I can’t speak for 50 billion people, no one person can. But I am certain that I and other British and Americans of many races and faiths have too much invested in our countries’ welfare to throw it away or let it be taken from us” .... states Executive Producer/ Creator Melanie G

This is our LITTLE MELANIE STORIES - but it is not hers - or her victory alone. It is one which each of us shares: a story, a victory that can only happen in countries that are truly free, countries where every child has the opportunity to become President, a world leader, an Actor, a musician and, today, a child with a destined dream ...

“With our Little Melanie Brand, we know that every child has a dutiful right to dream and today it starts with diversity. Every man, woman and child are created equal ....”

“Thank you Mel B- Melanie Brown, Adele, Alicia Keys, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Vanessa Williams, Kandace Springs and one of our first sports heroes Jackie Robinson … you all have inspired millions and created a path that will forever be legendary.”


As the creator, I know that anything is possible within our Little Melanie stories. Perhaps the greatest message the future of London5 Studios' Little Melanie BRAND holds, is the idea that one should “keep moving forward”. I hope our television and reading audience will take this message in their hearts after watching and reading any of our Little Melanie stories and television episodes.

It -WILL keep them motivated and inspired – whatever challenges life may present, our intrinsic message will be there to inspire them.

At London5 Studios, we feel certain that our productions will set the standards and meet the highest royal seal of approval. Our extensive catalogue of feature films, television series (drama- comedy), documentaries, animation, children’s books, and musical theatre productions are the mastermind’s behind our skills.

Our "Little Melanie - Live" television series is like his vision for Disneyland - it will never be completed. The Little Melanie - LIVE brand shall continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the creative geniuses of London5 Studios and in the world. We believe in our ideas. Our TV series, books, animations and films are features where parents and children are simply having fun.

Our television series, children’s books and Animation is a work of pure LOVE. We didn't start writing them with the idea of writing just one. Presently, our Little Melanie is the “Star” (Our Mickey)!! ... said Creator and Executive Producer Melanie Greene.

As the Creator, I was inspired to produce elements that would belong to a “2017 future”, creating a stylish reality that was based on a familiar style from our real world, purposefully simplified, boiling down elements to their essence. The result is a welcoming environment that is intriguing, something we have never had on television around the world or in animation before, our backdrop London, England.

The London5 Studios company, together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, is a leading diverse international family entertainment and media enterprise with five business segments: Television and films, media networks, studio and music entertainment, consumer products and interactive media.

London5 Studios brings quality television shows, television movies, music, stage plays and feature films to everyone throughout the world.

We are trying to present a broader spectrum of the English and American culture and show the world what it is really about... We are London 5 Studios where Two Becomes One.

Our productions are released under the LONDON 5 STUDIOS, Children and Family entertainment banner. Little Melanie’s books series are published under Ravenswood Publishing in America - Literary Agent Vanessa Grossett in London, England.

As the creator of the Little Melanie Brand, we thank OUR heroes -Mel B, Adele, Gaga, Alicia, Katy, Vanessa, and Kandace for their inspiration. Jazz Legend Hazel Scott’s talents will always be a part of our creative works here at London 5 Studios.


London 5 Studios - Please contact ( media)

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