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Spotlight On: Return to Gnosis by Nick C. Reed

The Return Of Gnosis explores the premise that there exists a kind of “knowledge” which is fundamentally different from the knowledge we were taught in school and are accustomed to in 21st century western society.

Borrowing from the definition of Gary Lachman, gnosis can be thought of here as, “the immediate, direct, non-discursive cognition of reality” that includes the secular as well as the spiritual aspects of life.

The book is a compilation of 8 years of writing condensed into less than 100 pages of thought provoking and interconnected stories and reflections on peak/religious experiences, sacred knowledge and the calling the purposeful life. The book follows one man as he embarks on a quest to find answers to some of life's biggest questions, through the revelations of direct and personal experience. Written by Nick C. Reed, this book just might help you answer a few questions about your journey through life.

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