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Spotlight On: Dead Machines by Filamena Young

Dead Machines is a novel set in a distant future after the collapse of a vast space-faring human culture and the end of an industrialized war. A war was once dominated by giant bipedal robots originally designed for salvage and construction.

The few pilots left alive who can control them have an edge. Io Suta, a soldier and and mother, who grew up only knowing war must defend a migrant population. When they find a secret experimental planet to settle every thing changes. Do they dare to hope?

How safe is a planet with so many secrets and so many ghosts?

This book follows the story of the migrants early days on an abandoned planet and the struggle for old war machines, both metal and flesh, to find a new way to live. Every one left alive is haunted, in one way or another. Some ghosts are more literal than others.

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