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Spotlight On: Mommy I Hurt My Rump-A-Doodle by Sharon Brandon

Mommy, I Hurt My Rump-A-Doodle is an interactive activity book for Pre-K and K.

Learners/Students utilizing this book will:

Develop close, attentive reading skills that is at the heart of understanding and enjoying literature.

Increase performance in critical reading necessary to pick carefully through all the large amount of information available today in print and digitally.

Actively seek the wide, deep, and thoughtful engagement that builds knowledge, enlarges experience, and broadens worldviews.

The 4-part format:

  1. The first section gives examples of information to read and study

  2. In the second section, the student participates by drawing out what the captions state

  3. In the third section, the student adds the captions and draw pictures to add to the captions

  4. In the final section, the student writes their own story and draws their own pictures

This book can be used as a keepsake and/or fundraiser

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