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Spotlight On: Hispanicus by Antonio Pintero

Hispanicus tells the fictional story of Antonio Pintero, a once big time drug dealer from the Bronx who as an adult is retelling his life story in all its vivid

detail. Antonio scrambles to make certain things right fearing time is running out on him.

The first installment introduces the main character of Antonio, an innocent child growing up in the early eighties surround by dysfunction in the worst of forms. He would see the effects of drugs firsthand, dealing with a heroin addicted mother sick with AIDS and a controlling stepfather that pushed a business on him, teaching the young boy to bag marijuana at the age of five and at twelve already out in the streets and selling it.

The series of Hispanicus is tough, edgy and gritty. It is a deep rooted study of a young boy who loses his faith, hence the apostate part of the title, and thus becomes a pivotal part of the series because

it isn't until later in Antonio's life as an adult, that he finally realizes his misdeeds and wants to right them.

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