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Spotlight On: Truth Be Told by Author Daniel Miller Taylor

What would you do if you found out that something you’ve believed and done for years in the church wasn’t started by God, which means that He didn’t put it in the church? Would you stop doing it?

The bible, which is the Word of God, has been used as a symbol of truth and committal in the swearing in ceremonies and procedures of United States Presidents, Secretary of Defenses, Judges, Law Officers, etc. However, the bible isn’t used as their guide to run that office. So, when the rules of that office are broken the bible will not be used as the correction tool for that offense.

Now, we in the Body of Christ use the bible as our foundation, guidance and correction for living on this earth. However, where is the biblical support for the starting of the Denominations we see in the Body?......Let The Truth Be Told!!

DANIEL MILTON TAYLOR is still a simple man. This two time author simply wants to discuss and reveal the truth about the denominations that exist in the Body Of Christ and how they may affect the Body. In his first book, “Is God Real? Let The Truth Be Told” he simply revealed how “he once was blind” as an atheist, “but now he sees” as a believer in God. While writing what he thought were the final chapters of that first book there was more in his spirit so he tried to keep writing. However, what he started writing didn’t really fit that books’ content so he stopped and went to God for answers. God assured him that there was indeed more in his spirit to write, but that it was for a totally different book, “Denomination - Let The Truth Be Told”, which you now hold in your hands.

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