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Oooh....The Hate She Received: Why the Banning of Angie Thomas' Book is an Insult to the Black

As an advocate for increased diversity in schools and libraries, I felt a duty to speak out against the banning of Angie Thomas' best selling book: The Hate You Give. As a librarian, it is my conviction that in today's social climate & given the uptick of racial tension, ignorance should be banned as opposed to books. Hopefully, you will join me on this cause and speak out against censorship and other forms of injustice in society. Visit ALA's Office of Intellectual Freedom's Blog. Read & Share my response to the Katy Independent School District. Let Katy know that you support intellectual freedom. Also, here's hoping that we also support independent authors during this season of giving. Click here to read post or copy & paste the following URL:

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