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Giveaway: Mary Poser by Angel A

MARY POSER is now available globally FREE on Kobo. Offer Ends Dec 31 It's her time to fly. Is it your time too?

A Recipe for a Humorous Story.......

In the modest bowl of Nashville, gently place a girl who is Country music, Bible belt, and a Steakhouse foodie. Then add a surprise portion of exotic and handsome Anglo Indian who is a passionate Bollywood director, vegetarian and Hindu. Stir vigorously on a bed of intense attraction. At first, the ingredients will seem to clash and separate. Keep stirring… Include a dollop of jealous boyfriend and a meddling mother. Splash in a serving of fun and mischievous friends. Keep stirring….... (Read More at or Enjoy a free copy now through December 31, 2017.

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