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Spotlight On: The Missing Laddoos: A Diwali Adventure by Jassie S.

What?? The laddoos are missing and that too on Diwali??

Hi. I'm Seema, an eight-year old and this is the most bizarre incident on the most colorful day of my life. I look forward to my favorite celebration to gobble down the sweetest Indian delicacy but that too got STOLEN!!

I turn to my brother, Sharad who wouldn't even care about it. But sensing he knew something, I thought of some antics to make him speak, after all I got to know of his "secret portal". Can you believe that?

Now you would think things can't get any worse but it DID.

When I got to know that my mum gave her secret recipe of her laddoos to my best friend, Divya!!

So, is she behind this? It's time to find out before Diwali gets over. If I don't get my laddoos in time, this will definitely be my last Diwali.

Come join me and find out who stole my laddoos in my colorful village, my Ronakpur.

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