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Review: Timeless Tales: Poems of Childhood by E.V. Eklund

Author E.V. Eklund's book of poetry for children is an enchanting journey through time. The book is a wonderful tribute to literary classics but will inspire children of all ages to fall in love with the magic of words. Similar to the work of Shel Silverstein, this compilation provides an abundance of fun yet thought provoking poems that will engage young minds creatively and cognitively.

Beautiful illustration adorn the pages of this book, which is a stark contrast to a much simpler (perhaps cleverly designed) cover. The book's cover is somewhat enticing and adds to the mystery of the book, beckoning readers to unwrap it's contents in much the same way one would unwrap a gift. And this book definitely has quite a few poetic gems that are destined to become timeless tales of their own. Verdict: Beautiful prose and classic illustrations makes this a great pick for both home and school library collections. It is definitely a work of art that shouldn't be judged by it's cover.

About the Author:

E.V. Eklund is a blooming author and illustrator, best known for her classical inspired poetry and vintage styled illustrations. Timeless Tales: Poems of Childhood is her most recent publication. Through the years she participated in numerous contests and exhibitions displaying her work. As an artist, she has sold her artwork and won awards for her paintings. Through her books she has found a way to expand her passion and talent for creativity into a career. E.V. holds a M.S. in Clothing, Textiles, Design, B.S. in Costume Design and a Minor in Studio Arts. Inspired by classical poetry and vintage novels, Eklund’s books are a homage to those classical novels. Her attentiveness to details, visible through her stories, adds depth to the theme of her poems. When she isn’t writing or illustrating she takes joy in designing, painting, music, history, and traveling. In addition to writing books, she freelances as an apparel/textile designer.

Author Links:

Twitter: @EV_Eklund

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