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Spotlight On: Special Minds by Ally K.

If you would live your whole life in agony, do you think it would affect you? When mental and psychological pain become physical, it's hard not to change, and Millicent Kale changes a lot. Grief, hurt and а constant headache follow Milly every day, but, when the closest person she has dies, Milly uncovers that she's not quite human. And she's not alone.

With a mountain of stress and loss on her shoulders, Millicent has a breakdown and finds, that her subconscious manifests a real physical body. Now that she has a duplicate, life seems to become easier, but that doesn't last long enough either.

Fate entangles her life with Dean Write, whom she would rather choose to avoid, though it's hard to ignore someone, when it's your own boss. Yet in the end her inner voice makes Milly listen to reason, of course, it's really hard not to listen to your inner self, when she can actually punch you. Getting involved with her superior should be complicated and weird, yet it doesn't really work like that, if destiny itself brings you together.

When everything seems to settle and happiness is all around Milly, it seems too good to be true. Good times don't last long - a rather nasty ex-coworker returns to take revenge, endangering Millicent's every step. Now struggling to survive, she gets entangled into a secret war without even knowing it. In the end Milly will have to see that there's a lot more to the story, than just revenge and jealousy.

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