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Spotlight On Wanted: A Forever Home

If you love animals, then this book is for you!

In “Wanted: A Forever Home,” author Janet Goodwin presents a heartwarming story, told from the perspective of its four-legged protagonists, that chronicles the adventures of a sheepherding dog and a flock of feral cats as they journey through the countryside in search of their “forever homes.” Set in rural Spain, Goodwin’s book homes in on the story of Portuguese mountain dog Gentleman George, who, after losing his master and suffering abuse at the hands of strangers, is tasked with tracking down a flock of street kitties and herding them back home.

Page Count: 338

Release date: Aug. 4, 2016

Publisher: Author House

About the Author:

Janet Goodwin co-founded Spain-based animal charity, P.E.P.A. (Protección y Educación para Animales) in 2005, and alongside many dedicated volunteers, has focused her efforts on finding forever homes for abandoned dogs and cats and the sterilization of feral cats. She currently resides in Palma de Gandia, Spain, with her husband, three dogs and cat, Lucy.

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