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Spotlight On: Little Sally by D. L Johnson

"Little Sally loves her phone! After trying to gain likes and follows for the website she has made, Sally meets the friendly Gary the Gruzzle - a magical, furry creature from a magical land. Sally and Gary soon go on an adventure to faraway places she's never been before. Follow Sally as she goes on the adventure of a lifetime!

A Message from the Author:

"Why I Wrote This Book: I thought, “What is something that kids relate to on a daily basis?” They relate to technology. They see their parents using it and they see their older brothers and sisters using it. They use technology in school. Social media is a part of technology and, when they're older, they may choose to be on social media.

A study by Pew Research Center has shown that females, particularly young females, use social media at a higher rate than males. Many young girls also seek validation from others on social media. Throughout the story, Sally is on a mission to get likes and follows, but receives the lesson of a lifetime from a magical new friend called Gary the Gruzzle. This story, essentially, illustrates that you don't need to seek approval from others in order to value yourself. You are special, you are unique, and you are enough just the way you are! Since kids are curious about technology anyway, why not give them a story, so that when they are teenagers and on social media, they'll look back and remember the story of Little Sally and how she didn't allow 'a like or a follow' to define their self-worth?

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