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Spotlight On: Journey to the Next level by Author Kunal Narayan Uniyal

Journey to the Next Level is about a common soul which goes on a journey and crosses different conscious levels which come into existence after the death of a mortal body. The novel is inspired by the great battle of Mahabharata and will take you to the adventure of your lifetime. Mystery, magic, suspense, philosophy, spirituality and bliss, you will experience all in 250 pages of this novel.

Omi wakes up one fine day to find himself involved in the greatest battle of all times. However, the battle is not being fought on earth but on the higher conscious levels. He need to solve two purpose, first bring the soul of his uncle back and secondly, prevent the demon king Rudresh to take control over the human consciousness. During his journey he is assisted by his ancestors, his family deity, his love and finally his own inner consciousness. The ones opposing are Kaliyuga, Vitra, Jyodita and the demon god himself. Will he be able to win it all, that is the question? A beautiful fiction novel will take you to an amazing journey of life after death and the battle of the common human soul against the immortals. Vedas, Upnishads, Purans have all been used to bring this fiction novel to as close to he reality and give proper explanation of life as it is. The book has many inspiring messages hidden in it. It beautifully explains the life after death, what happens after death, the battle which takes place on the higher conscious levels and how love continues even after death.

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Twitter: @sattelitecanady

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