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Spotlight On: 7 Secrets to a Successful Failure by author Shraddha Maheshwari

Seven Secrets to a Successful Failure is a book that has secrets to show you a way to turn any failure to your advantage and become super successful.

It's alright to fail as long as you are learning from your failures. After reading this book, you will be able to convert your failures into something successful. This book is designed to bring you out of your failure phase and help you learn from your mistakes. This book will be your 'go to' guide for practical tips and advice on how to turn any failure into success. This is a simple book without any fillers to make up the bulk. Here you will find important points, accumulated together, to put you back in place and get you back on the track towards achieving exactly what you have failed at and more!! So Reset. Readjust. Restart. Refocus. And Retry. As many times as you need to.

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