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Spotlight On: Sky-Bound Misfit by Author Jane Powell

Sky-Bound Misfit takes you back in time into an exploration of what it was like for a city girl coming-of-age in the 1980s. A mix of 13 Reasons Why and Speak, this book takes you into the mind of a teen whose life is turned upside down twice. First by the death of her father and then by a sexual assault that results in bullying, anxiety, and depression. Friendship, perseverance and a good sense of humour help Frankie through tough times, but laughter can't cure all.

Frankie's life began in an Irish pub in Montreal's French east end. As she listens to her dad's band jam to the beats of life, the most unfortunate of coincidences happens and her life is changed forever.

Being a girl in the 1980s isn't easy. Frankie soon comes to see it as an impromptu jam session filled with unexpected beats. The beats she experiences in high school are filled with laughter, tears, love, anger, and hope. Dealing with bullies becomes a daily nightmare. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll become a big part of her struggles and healing process.

Frankie learns that the key to survival is friendship, determination, and figuring out how to become an author in the song that is her life.

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