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Spotlight On: Blackout by Jesse Johnson

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Blackout: The African American Appreciation of Art by Jesse Johnson is a book dedicated to the love of art. Mixed with stories of the author's childhood struggles and how he developed a keen artistic prowess, Blackout is an inspirational road map for learning how to create, appreciate, and critique art.

Based on the ten elements and principles that make up art, Blackout delivers the concept of African American artistry by showcasing the talents of unsung heroes whose works have been absent from mainstream media. With both an educational and visual appeal, this book will teach you about different branches of art and imagery that will leave you beaming.

About the Author

Jesse Johnson was born December 4, 1966 to Marcella Clay Johnson and Jesse Johnson Sr. Johnson is married to Juanina Johnson and has nine other siblings. Johnson is also an artist and adjunct faculty art teacher for Ivy Tech Community College.  According to Johnson, he wrote this book to give the African American contemporary artists of today the opportunity to enhance their works and a platform to visually expose their magnificent pieces of art.

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