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Spotlight On: Containment by Angela Howes

"Containment" is the second book in a trilogy, perfect for fans of "Divergent," "The Giver," or "Matched." It is a blend of romance, contemporary, and dystopian.

Synopsis: "Containment" by Angela Howes Publication Date: January 12, 2020 In a city divided between the workers who keep the economy going and the families who bolster the population, eighteen-year-old graduate Phoebe Ray is assigned to a solitary life as a newspaper delivery girl, forbidden from marrying, seeing her family more than twice a year, or ever having children. But when childhood flame Noah and charming neighbor Sky enter the picture, Phoebe must decide whether a chance at love is worth risking imprisonment, banishment from society, and ultimately, death. As Phoebe's family and friends fight for their lives, she finds herself caught in a struggle between lying low and inciting war. But as more allies emerge from the shadows, Phoebe must decide whether she has what it takes to lead a rebellion ... especially when it could mean losing everything and everyone that matters to her.

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