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Spotlight On: Envy and Favor by Faye Hall

What happens when an escaped prisoner tries to win the favor of the one you love?

Atol Livia wanted to move away from his father’s gambling hall and the corruption and drugs rife there.  He wanted to start a life up north with the woman he loved – that’s if Anna could look past his poverty and agree to marry him.

Anna Jenel had given her heart and body to Atol, never once caring about any wealth he had.  She thought to travel north with him to start their life together, but their passionate affair is cut short when Atol’s father is found murdered.

Desperate to support his sister, and needing money to buy Anna an engagement ring, Atol takes on running the gambling hall.  Unable to make a profit, he decides to sell up everything and pay out his debts before whisking Anna away to a comfortable life up north.  When he goes to collect her and tell her of his recent influx of wealth, he finds her gone. Read more at

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