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Spotlight On: The Soul-Discovery Journal Book by Adriene Nicastro-Santos

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Embark on a journey into you! In this beautifully authentic tapestry, Adriene Nicastro-Santos weaves decades of deep spiritual study and transformative, psycho-spiritual work with clients and students into a comprehensive, workbook-style guide. Throughout the The Soul-Discovery Journalbook, Adriene fills your backpack with invaluable supplies - psycho-spiritual, metaphysical, and mindfulness-based lessons, exercises, guided meditations, and practical tools - that take you on a unique path, transforming life’s challenges into valuable gifts.

The Soul- Discovery Journalbook’s five distinct volumes offer the following: Volume I: A Single Step prepares you for your journey, setting the stage for self-discovery,

calling on Divine helpers, clarifying intent, and starting the process of unearthing who you are.

Volume II: Constant Companions dives into practices designed for life-long exploration and

use through fundamental mindfulness tools to lower stress and cultivate happiness from within.

Volume III: Metaphysical Musings holds foundational metaphysical and psycho-spiritual

teachings - precious tools for understanding self, Self, and a world beyond the five senses.

Volume IV: A Deeper Gaze, a guide through subterranean and multi-layered landscapes, aids

the release of pain-filled thoughts, emotions, and self-sabotaging behaviors that hold you back

from living in Union with all of life.

Volume V: Hip Boots and Waders introduces your inner child, investigates new perspectives

on drama, addresses old hurts, uncovers influential life-messages, explores the power of belief,

and more.

Do you long to navigate our complicated world with wisdom, higher vision, and lasting inner

peace? Do you desire to become acquainted with yourself in a new way that honors your

strengths and helps transform your shadow side? The Soul-Discovery Journalbook illuminates

this path, offering companionship for your journey as a part of the life adventure to embrace your

true Self.

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