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Sign up to contribute content to Reviews in the City!  Post book reviews or guest posts.  All posts are subject to final approval. Contributions are made on a voluntary basis and writer are not compensated for posts, edits, or submissions. Blog administrators have the right to block access or revoke permissions to contributors.  By submitting this form, contributors agree to adhere to blog guidelines and the following terms and conditions:

(i) Not to submit or post any works that are malicious, defaming, libelous, or that infringes on the the copyright or privacy of others. 

(ii) Not to use Reviews in the City to market, advertise, endorse, or sell businesses products or services using Reviews in the City, the website, blog, or its content. 

(iii) Not to delete, alter, change, attempt to delete, attempt to alter, attempt to change content not authored by you. Edits are only permitted to your submissions prior to posts.  Contributors are asked to contact administrator for edits after posts have been submitted.  Edits after posts have been submitted are subject to administrator's discretion.

(iv) Use excessive linking, links to inactive pages, redirects, or links to pages for the purpose of false, misleading or malicious activity.

(v) Contributors may link to other related blogs, author websites, or sites to purchase books.  



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