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2016 Indie Author Day

I am extremely excited that libraries have started to take notice of "indie" authors. Making a niche for yourself as a writer is challenging in and of itself. If you attach the phrase 'self published author' to your bio, your credibility level will almost automatically take a nose dive. Unfortunately, the stigmas that plague self published writers are still very prevalent in the publishing community. If your work isn't validated by a team of experts with industry connections, then you have to work very hard to build exposure and trust. Sure, companies like Amazon will sell your book. However, they will also rank your work alongside books that have been backed by a team of publishing powerhouses. Unless you have a fan base that can rival a musical icon, a ranking of 486,231 will not put you on equal footing when it comes to earning validation as a writer.

Libraries are now pitching in to help in even bigger ways. As a self published author, you have always had the opportunity to connect with your local library. I previously wrote a blog about how to market your book to them. Click here to access the article. Now, libraries in Illinois are taking their support of indie authors to a new level through a program called "Soon to be Famous." This year they will celebrate: Indie Author Day. Libraries, nationwide, will host local events for authors on October 3, 2016. I think this movement is a step towards reaffirming literary diversity. For more information on the project or to get involved, visit the Illinois Author Project.

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