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Meet QK Carpenter

What if Fifty Shades of Grey was written by R.L. Stine? You would be captivated by suspense and romance. Well author QK Carpenter is working on a project that will do just that!

Meet law student Marisol Clay. She has met a fascinating stranger: handsome, rich, scarred, and with a penthouse full of kinky secrets ready to be uncovered. With Mari's sister arrested for burglary, he's the perfect distraction. Or he would be, if he wasn't the person Mari's sister stole from.

Now Marisol is torn between her lover and her family, her desires and her duties, her belief in justice and how justice actually unfolds. She wants to make the right choice, but as she learns that Randal has secrets more dangerous than ropes and blindfolds, the right choice just might get her killed---Book Excerpt.

Read the author's interview below.

How long have you been writing? I remember writing super-cool-and-not-at-all-mortifying Animorphs fan-fiction when I was in elementary school, so it's probably pretty close to technically being 20 years since I started. That said, only about the past 10 have been focused on anything that could actually be published. What is your most recent literary/artistic project? I'm at the very earliest stages of a new novel, which in this case means trying to figure out a futuristic dialect. I'm trying to strike a balance where I won't make linguists roll their eyes but I also won't have to actually learn too much about linguistics. We'll see if I don't break down and use whatever twist on English I'm most comfortable with. I'm also working on some short memoir stuff as the other guy, but he's kind of a downer.

What inspires you to write? The same basic thing that inspires me to read: I just want to find out what happens. Obviously I'm more in control of that when I'm the writer, but there's still a sense that the story and characters have lives of their own and it's all developing organically. The flip-side of this is that writing is like reading, but if the ending really pisses me off, I can do something about it that isn't just complain about 'How I Met Your Mother' for years after it ended.

Who’s your favorite author and why? I say Salman Rushdie for his prose alone, but that's been my answer for so long that I'm accepting new applicants. What advice can you give to other authors or writers? A really good thing I took a really long time to learn is that writing 1000 words of crap brings me closer to figuring out my story than making sure I have 100 words I'm really proud of, at least at the drafting stages, but I don't want to assume this will necessarily be the case for everybody. One thing that is gonna be relevant for everybody is giving at least some thought to the business aspect of your book before you finish it. In a perfect world, nobody would need to market anything, but we're not there and we kinda have to. Where can readers go to find out more information about your work?

My not-entirely-finished author website is and my Twitter is When my latest book comes out, it'll be somewhere on Amazon. And if anyone has a more specific question, you can reach me at

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