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Screenwriter and Psychiatrist Launch Podcast to Empower Women


Emet Comics, a Los Angeles comics publisher focused on empowering female creators and storytellers, today announced the launch of their new “I Failed, So What?!?” series, available to listeners free in podcast format on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, and Google Play, and available in video format exclusively to their Patreon supporters. “I Failed, So What!?!” is all about discussing the delicate nature of failure and picking yourself back up as it pertains to female creators in the entertainment industry. The hosts

Dr. Dehra Harris, a child psychiatrist, and Lorien McKenna, a screenwriter with 10 years of experience in the story department at Pixar, are intent on leaning into the hows and whys of failure and recovery (with humor – of course!).

Each week, the hosts are joined by a prominent woman who works in entertainment, from movies to comics, to discuss a moment of failure, the science behind our reaction to it, and advice to others who may find themselves in a similar situation. The first episode will be made available on Wednesday, May 17th. Listeners can look forward to the following shows:

Can you make fear a part of your routine?: An interview with Lisanne Sartor, a former Assistant Director (Hocus Pocus, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Anaconda) and now writer/director (Six Letter Word, Prick)

How do we avoid the backslide aka “going backwards”?: An interview with Christina Strain, former comics colorist (Runaways, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane) and now writer (The Magicians, Generation-X)

Why do we so quickly go to a place of “this is the end”?: An interview with Maggie Kiley, a former actress (Monk, Law and Order: SVU, Sex and the City) and now director (Brightest Star, Dial a Prayer,Caught, Scream Queens)

Co-host Dr. Harris says this of the show’s focus on failure: “I think a big part of quitting is thinking that you’re the only one who has had it this way. So, when we talk to these creatives and share our own experiences of failure, we realize it is all normal. Unless we figure it out and talk about it, one failure can be the thing that tanks you. Sometimes you have to talk back to the fear and talk back to the worries. It is all understandable, and we are going to show you how.”

To view video versions of the interviews, listeners can go to Emet Comics’ Patreon Page, where the interviews and more behind the scenes footage will be uploaded three times a week.

Here are a few short clips taken from the full episodes:

Lorien McKenna shares a time she was chastised by her collaborators for not getting the job.

Lisanne Sartor shares a time she messed up on set and volunteered to pay for the mistake out of her own paycheck.

Christina Strain talks about avoiding going backwards in her career to a place that feels safer than being in the writers’ room.

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