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Book Review: Brainy Bugs by Dr. Karen Smith

Ever wonder how an inchworm got its name or how Katydids can help determine the temperature of the air? Brainy Bugs: Funny Facts for Curious Kids is a picture book that explores the fascinating world of insects. The book contains fun facts that will undoubtedly raise the bug IQ of any young reader.  Structured in rhyme, this book cleverly uses the alphabet to introduce and describe bugs from all over the world. From ants to bugs named after zebras, the author uses humor to make learning about insects exciting and fun. Illustrations complement the theme of the book by adding whimsical images that underscore some of the humorous ideas found throughout the text. Also appealing is the book’s use of alliteration found in phrases like “flaunting fabulous features” or “perpetual poo-pushing.” Combined with a robust vocabulary, this deliberate use of language not only evokes imagery and sound but provides opportunities for readers to engage with words at a much deeper level. Although early readers might need assistance navigating their way through the bug infested pages of this book, it will definitely serve as a great educational companion for years to come.

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