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The Adventures of Samba Rat and Friends in Sherman the Last Dragon

Imagine what would happen if you were lost in the woods.  In the Adventures of Samba Rat and Friends, a very odd group of forest creatures embark on a journey that proves that “friends really do come in all different shapes and sizes.”  The story begins as Samba Rat and his friends Peter Porcupine, Squirrely (a gray squirrel), and Cindy the ladybug are hurrying back to their burrows after a picnic. After a few misguided steps, they find themselves far away from home. Lost and afraid, they set out to find a safe place to settle for the night when they stumble upon something they’ve never seen before: a giant and mysterious egg. However, it’s not the discovery of the egg that frightens them the most; it’s the possibility of what's inside the egg that really scares them. Once the egg hatches, they have to prove that they not only have courage but that they are indeed true friends.

Reminiscent of old folklore about faraway lands and mythical creatures, this story is not short on adventure.  What’s more, its heroes aren’t dragon slaying knights or magical wizards but ordinary creatures determined to help each other. The authors take much deliberation in weaving together a story that captures all of the excitement and suspense of Harry Potter but in a whimsical way. Robust vocabulary will probably make this book a bit more challenging  for early readers.  However, more advanced readers will definitely find this story interesting and thrilling right up to the very end.

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