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Spotlight On: 31 Uniquely Inspirational Expressions by LaTanya E. Tindall

Do you feel lonely? Are you depressed? Have you experienced personal setbacks that seem insurmountable? 31 Uniquely Inspirational Expressions is a book that will help you find the inspiration you need to reset your life.

About the Author

Sitting at home one day, I prayed and became motivated. You see, I was experiencing a loss of sight in my left eye. I was inspired to write inspirational and expressions and prayers that would inspire, motivate, enlighten and beautify someone’s soul. These focus on those who are going through pain, struggles, discouragement, loneliness, low self-esteem, and grief. Today, I would like to share with you 31 Uniquely Inspirational Expressions given and activated by the Holy Spirit in two days. I have always been a motivator and encourager to family, friends and even strangers, who have crossed my path. This has consistently happened throughout my life. Because of this, I believe God has called me forward to step out and walk in my calling for the Kingdom of God. God called me as an Inspirational Motivational Speaker. I know I was born to activate, beautify, encourage, support, and uplift the souls of all people.

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