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Spotlight On: It Wasn't Enough by Peg Little

What if one day, all of the women suddenly disappeared? Without what it is that women do, what it is that women are — what would happen?

Here and now, women’s subordination is so systemic it’s unremarkable (to all but serious feminists). In It Wasn’t Enough, once women are gone and men have to take their places, fill their roles, the subordination becomes remarkablethat is, it becomes noticeable. And then—what would happen?

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About the Author

Peg Tittle ( has written five novels to date: Exile, What Happened to Tom (on Goodreads' list of Fiction Books That Opened Your Eyes To A Social Or Political Issue), It Wasn't Enough, Impact (forthcoming), and Gender Fraud: a fiction (also forthcoming). She has received over twenty Arts Council grants.

She has also written several non-fiction books including Sexist Shit that Pisses Me Off and What If? Collected Thought Experiments in Philosophy.

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