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Review: "American Gods," Neil Gaiman

If you are a reader who is captivated by the supernatural, then consider perusing the pages of author Neil Gaiman’s fantasy based epic, aptly coined as American Gods. Described as one of Gaiman’s best and most ambitious work to date, this book is a spellbinding trip into a mystical world of the supernatural. In it, Gaiman chronicles the life of an ex-con, musingly named Shadow Moon, whose destiny is leading him towards a dark and luminous battle in life tantamount to Armageddon. The action begins as Shadow is released from prison to attend the funeral of his beloved wife who dies in a tragic car accident. In route to her funeral, by way of a stormy plane ride, he meets an oddly eccentric deity named Wednesday. Forewarned by Wednesday that a bigger storm is brewing, Shadow blindly accepts a job as the deity’s emissary. Shadow soon discovers that he is caught in between a battle of gods. His life and the fate of the American spirit are at risk with every choice he makes. With help from his deceased wife, Shadow weaves in and out of worlds unknown trying to complete complex and often confusing tasks. In the end, he learns several surprising lessons about his past life and what is to become of his future. This story is lauded by many as a timeless masterpiece and was awarded the 2001 Bram Stoker Award for Best Novel.

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