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Review: Menyone's Journey to the Red Carpet by Menyone Deveaux

Hero's come in all shapes and sizes. The story of Menyone Deveaux is definitely a hero's tale. The Hollywood actress provides a very intimate look at her life's struggles and journey from a seemingly bitter beginning to a very sweet ending. Written as an autobiographical narrative, this pint-sized book tells the full story of how Menyone escaped Hollywood’s sordid underworld of sex, drugs, a little voodoo, and rock n roll. The story begins in Menyone’s hometown of Chicago where she experiences her first true heartbreak: the death of her father. Not only did she have to accept his untimely demise, but she had to deal with the emotional backlash of his infidelity and subsequent battle with AIDS. From there, Menyone ventures off to college where she meets and marries the love of her life. Yet, that love would soon prove that all fairytales aren’t ‘happily ever after’. It would later be a daring move to Los Angeles, in pursuit of her dreams, that would lead her into the arms of a sinister lover who tries to end it all.

Although this book is not as polished as a New York Times’ bestseller, it definitely tells an ‘a-list’ story. If you love a good underdog story, you will love this book. Minus its mechanical hiccups, I managed to root for this young starlet with every turn of the page. In the end, she manages to not only realize her dream of acting but she becomes a super hero by saving herself.

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