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Nurture Your Being by Stephen Boshoff

If you are interested in the writings of Deepak Chopra and Neale Donald Walsch, then you might appreciate some of the enduring values found within the pages of Nurture Your Being. Written by Stephen Boshoff, this pint size book packs quite a punch. In short form, it provides an introduction to the art of self care. The author gives advice on how to manage the landscape of one’s life” by uprooting negative patterns of thought.

The book is divided into four parts: Birth, Growth, Re-Growth, and Rebirth. The second half of the book builds on earlier concepts that evolve from a physical to a more metaphysical perspective. Intermingled throughout the book are various philosophical, inspirational, and/or religion viewpoints, the breadth of which encompasses everything from Christianity to Transcendentalism. However, the author does take a strong stance for his own viewpoints and is not afraid to broach conversations that, some might feel, are a bit controversial – even debatable. What I find most promising about this book is its emotional appeal. The author uses examples from his own life to demonstrate how one can still experience a life of happiness after experiencing a life of abuse.

I would recommend this book to adult readers as some portions of it deals with sensitive subject matter like sexual abuse and self gratification.

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