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I Survived the Great Chicago Fire by Lauren Tarshis

Imagine being lost in a big city where orphaned kids are being turned into gangsters, and the streets are turning to ash ---(literally). Set amid the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, Lauren Tarshis’ eleventh book in the I Survived series is a tale of adventure and personal triumph. The book follows the life of Oscar Sterling, a few years after the death of his father. Oscar is uprooted from his home and is forced to move to Chicago with his mother and stepfather. Upon his arrival to the city, Oscar faces a series of unfortunate events that send him on a journey that not only tests his survival skills but turns him into an unlikely hero.

Quite possibly my favorite out of the entire series, this particular title paints a vivid picture of one of the most terrifying events in history. Although fictitious in nature, the author demonstrates due diligence in having done research on facts about the devastating fire that ravished over four miles of the city. The author's usage of historically accurate details and dynamic characterizations make the story both informative and entertaining.

If you haven't had the opportunity to read this series, you might want to add it to your bookshelf. I would highly recommend this series for reluctant readers and those who love adventure. All in all, this book and entire series is a great investment for young readers, as it will make history come alive right before their eyes.

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