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The Toothless Puppy by Karen and Ashley Almon

Campbell, an adorable golden retriever, may be missing a tooth but there is definitely nothing missing in this esteem building story that will warm your heart and teach you a few lessons about life! Created by Mother and daughter duo, Karen and Ashley Almon, the story follows the life of a lovable little puppy who struggles with the reality of being different. Bothered by the possibility of being considered an outcast, Campbell sets off on a mission to find her missing tooth. However, instead of finding a tooth, she finds something much more valuable instead.

From a tailless sheepdog to flightless penguins, this poignant book is filled with invaluable lessons about acceptance and tolerance. The story line touches on many issues that young children often grapple with during the concrete operational stage of development. Adding to the book's charm is the ease in which this story can transition into meaningful dialogue around the topic of diversity and acceptance. Vibrant illustrations highlight the beauty of each character. This nicely contrasts with the theme of being different, showing that being different is still beautiful.

I would highly recommend this book as a bibliotherapy and character building resource for working with young children.

To purchase a copy, visit Amazon.

About the Authors:

Karen and Ashley Almon are a mother-daughter duo from Seattle, Washington. Karen is a retired elementary school teacher, and Ashley is a writer, artist, actor, and musician. The Toothless Puppy was inspired by the Almons' real-life canine companions: Campbell and Wilco.

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